Robinson is available for media engagements, and has significant experience in California media.  He is a regular analyst on Middle East affairs for KCBS radio in San Francisco ( and a periodic contributor to National Public Radio (  Robinson has made a number of television appearances, including on the PBS Newshour:

Robinson's newspaper opinion pieces include:

  • “The Right Way to Aid Palestinian Democracy,” The Washington Post, September 26, 1993
  • “A Window of Opportunity”, The Toronto Star, November 12, 2004
  • “Libya’s Freedom Born of a Well-Run Campaign” The Monterey Herald, August 25, 2011 --  Link
  • “Don’t Let the Syrian Rebels Win,” in Foreign, December 10, 2012 --  Link
  • “Apartheid is a Reality in the West Bank,” The Bakersfield Californian, May 3, 2014  --  Link
  • "Why is Jimmy Panetta Against Free Speech?" The Monterey Herald, October 8, 2017 --  Link

Robinson recently had an extended interview live-streamed by the Islamic Renaissance Front while in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on his forthcoming book on global jihad -- Link